Conecta Energia

At Conecta Energia we work to bring value straight to the bottom line of businesses by improving the purchasing strategies for both gas and electricity. To achieve this we focus on 3 key aspects:


to buy
  • Fixed, combined or variable prices.
  • Spot or futures markets.
  • Tailor-made products.

to buy
  • Analysis of the energy marketplace, both globally and locally.
  • Detection of opportunities and buying windows.
  • Competition between market suppliers.

on the customer’s TARGETS:
  • Minimizing costs.
  • Risk control.
  • Budget assurance.
  • Benchmarking with the competition.
Conecta Energia

¿Why choose Conecta Energia?

  • Specialization in the energy marketplace.
  • Experience in the sector: more than 15 years.
  • Local knowledge, global vision.
  • Ongoing development. We keep abreast of the knowledge and tools used by the suppliers.
  • Independence in management and analysis. We bring value to the customer and it is the customer alone who remunerates our service, with no commission whatsoever from any supplier.
  • Trust and transparency.
Jaime Roldán

Graduate of Economic and Business Science.

Executive MBA at IE Business School.

Since 2000 he has actively participated in the process of deregulation of the energy sector, leading the development of the gas and electricity supply business to industrial customers in the north of Spain.

In 2011 he began his personal project focused on bringing value to industry through the application of energy procurement and risk management techniques.